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Digital courses for photographers and filmmakers
focused on conservation and science communication

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Conservation Photography 101

Learn the exact steps to go from a great idea to polished portfolio and eye-catching pitch, without the overwhelm of where to start, the stifling insecurity about getting the “right” images, or frustrating confusion over how to connect with editors.

This self-paced online course is a complete implementation system.


Conservation Photography 101 is the only digital course that walks you through:

  • how to find compelling conservation photo stories
  • how to plan and complete photo shoots for a winning photo essay
  • the step-by-step process for writing and sending stellar pitches so you can get your images in front of audiences

Through robust lessons (and impactful bonuses, such as a private student group and ongoing weekly live Q&A sessions with your instructor), you'll gain the training and coaching you need to become a published conservation photographer.

Go at your own pace through the materials, and get ongoing support, guidance and feedback so that you continuously advance your storytelling skills.

Enrollment opens again Spring 2021

Don't wait to get started!

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